The POP-collection of Adolfo Courrier stands for craftsmanship, allure and colour. The marvellously handmade 18 carat gold rings and earrings studded with diamonds, sapphires or other gemstones are stunning. A distinctive feature of each set is the colourfully enamelled gold ring. The rings can be worn separately or as a set.

We only display a selection of our collection on our site. If you are looking for something special, and it is not on our site, drop by, give us a call or send us an email. We are only too happy to help.



Pop1 Blue Jeans
Pop2 Blue Jeans
Blue Jeans Mini Pop
Pop1 creolen Blue Jeans
Pop1 Mela
Pop2 Mela
Pop1 creolen Mela
Cioccolato Pop1
Pop1 Cioccolato
Mini Pop Cioccolato
Pop1 creolen
Jungle Pop1
Pop1 Jungle
Styloso Jungle
Pop1 Hermès
Pop2 Hemès
iPop Hermès
Confetto Pop1
Pop1 Confetto
Mini Pop Confetto
Roulette Pop1
Pop2 Rosetto
iPop Ciliegia
Pop1 Bianco-Nero
Pop2 Bianco-Nero
Mini Pop Bianco-Nero
Pop1 creolen Bianco-Nero
Pop1 Viola
Jungle Violet Pop1
Acciaio Pop1
iPop Acciaio
iPop Ice
Pop1 Crema
Pop2 Eterno
Pop2 Zebra-Bianca
Pop1 Turchese
Mare Pop1